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Millennial Health

Specialty Care Success, Simplified

We offer a simplified path to improved outcomes and reduced costs in specialty care, packaged into an integrated solution.

  • Guaranteed Cost Savings: We partner with payers to take on full financial and clinical responsibility for managing oncology and cardiology lines of business.

  • Experience You Can Trust: We work with a highly satisfied list of payer and provider partners nationwide.

  • Engaged Physicians: We act as a “coach” not a “referee,” guiding physicians toward our evidence-based clinical pathways in an environment of peer-to-peer collaboration.

Uncompromising Quality. Empowered Physicians. Guaranteed Savings.

Payers fully delegate primary care risk to Millennial Health for the guaranteed cost savings and peace of mind that comes with our commitment to quality and physician satisfaction..

Providers trust in Millennial Health’s decade of experience managing two-sided specialty care risk to help oncologists and cardiologists succeed in advanced alternative payment models

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