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Unexpected damages and accidents occur all the time. As this can be unexpected, finding a replacement without breaking your bank can be hard. Artisan Design and Build repairs all furniture, home-related, bathroom, kitchens, and roof. Once you find an appliance or hardware that is not working properly, set up an appointment and our team will repair it immediately.


  • Bathroom Repairs

The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in every residential and commercial living space, meaning an increased likelihood that something will break. It is important to keep your Faucets, Shower Heads, Sinks, and Electrical fans maintained and cleaned.


If these bathroom appliances stop working, contact , providing quality care repairing your bathroom to proper working condition immediately.


  • Kitchen Repairs

Cabinets, Stoves, and Countertops are the lifeline of all kitchens. Over time, these appliances and furniture will face normal wear and tear, breaking down.


If these kitchen equipment stops working, contact , providing fast professional repairing service ensuring that you can get back to cooking immediately.


  • Furniture Repairs

Furniture can break down over time. Paint begins to scratch off. Structural damage starts occurring. Scratches ruining the natural beauty of the furniture.


Artisan Design and Build helps repair restoring the furniture to its original look and beauty. Painting wood furniture to revitalize the look while filling in dents, scratches, and gouges.


If your furniture needs a quick and affordable repair, contact us now.


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