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Success that speaks for itself

Our team has every possible certification from MGMA to AAPC that one can achieve in the industry and we continually reinvest in our staff to ensure we’re consistently raising the bar. Though we have a Non-Disclosure Agreement with all of our clients, you can look to some of the leading medical institutions that have been making headlines in Crain’s Best Places to Work and Medical Economics to see them reaping the rewards we’ve helped them earn.

Always up to date on technology

Our team is constantly researching the most modern and best practices for every platform that medical practices make use of. From bookkeeping to surgical workflows we have tried and true platforms that will increase efficiency and access beyond what you’re currently using. We’ve done everything from deploying Google Glass scribe systems to reducing an accounting department from 12 to 1 by making use of cutting-edge financial system integrations. We have experience in nearly every Electronic Medical Record and Practice Management vendor and we have zero allegiance to any vendors so the connections we make for you are always in your best interest.

Grow, help people, then explode

No matter your goal, we can help your practice achieve it. We’ve taken single Physician location practices and grown them into ever expanding practices that cross over state lines and have a Governing Board of Physicians that need to meet in a cafeteria to fit everyone.

We’ve helped groups sell or dissolve their practices even in an environment where walking away seemed like the only option. We’ve also helped practices explode from a single specialty and a couple locations to a multidisciplinary beast that competes with entire health systems. Even if you don’t have a strategic plan currently - we’ll help you get to where you want to go.

Representative Partners

More Than A Service Provider.
Your Partner in Managing Risk. 

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